11 thoughts on “Video: Traffic in Cambodia”

  1. Luke, thanks for capturing this with Daniel. 🙂 I hope and pray that we’ll cross paths one day but until then, I’ll be sure to follow your blog too~ 🙂

  2. Thanks Tommy. I am enjoying Daniel as my roommate and friend. He is driving now… Driving is always an adventure here. When he was tagging the video with words like Cambodia, traffic, etc. I jokingly told him to add frustration, anger, etc…

  3. LOL. Yes traffic is no joke in Cambodia. Daniel is one brave man. Again, it’s great to get both of your updates. Provides greater visibility for people back home. We have a better idea of how we can pray for you guys. I will be praying that Daniel doesn’t run over anybody. 😉

  4. Hey Luke……..great video. Easy to see why you wouldn’t want to use a car. Fuel is prob.out of site there, also. Be careful on those streets (& sidewalks).
    The video does give a different perspective of Camb., which I’ve always thot of as a quiet/rural/ sleepy place.
    God’s blessings, brother.
    Don L-Godfrey

  5. Yes, tell Irving that is a good assessment. It is either that or sit at home. I can’t say that I like driving here, but eventually sitting at home doesn’t accomplish much and i drive again…

  6. Thanks for sharing–makes our walk to school look like a piece of cake! We’re glad to see where you are. It brings you closer to us!

  7. Hey Luke,

    Thanks alot…now Pete thinks he needs a souped-up moped for Plovdiv. But seriously, that does provide a glimpse of your life in Cambodia and a visual prayer request. 🙂 Hope you are well!


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