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Things that make you go hmm… Geckos Dueling

As I walked into the kitchen, I saw two geckos running toward each other. I stopped in my tracks, afraid that they would both run towards me to attack. But, as I stood there, they began attacking each other.

Gecko DuelingAfter a few seconds of dueling, one took the upperhand and bit the others head–I mean, literally, one had the geckos head completely in its mouth. They stood there for awhile, long enough for me to run to my room, grab my camera, and take a few pictures (unfortunately, none came out clearly). But it was such an interesting sight. After a few more minutes of staying still, the other finally broke out of its mouth somehow. They must have gotten tired of dueling, because they just went their separate ways.

I guess we’ll call it a draw then.

— Daniel