About Luke & Sokha

Luke and Sokha work in the countryside of Cambodia with their ministry focused on church planting and student outreach. They were married in July of 2011.

Luke grew up on a farm in west central Illinois. He went to college planning to pursue a career in agriculture. Through a couple of short-term missions trips with a campus ministry while in college at Western Illinois University he started thinking about missions. Towards the end of graduate school at the University of Missouri, he was impacted by the missionary biography Through Gates of Splendor and his burden to be a missionary continued to grow. After completion of graduate school, he went to Dallas Theological Seminary to further prepare for the mission field. While in seminary, he began to have a vision to go somewhere that was unreached and rural. He continued to prepare by working with refugees in Dallas and serving in his church, New St. Peter’s Presbyterian. He was ordained as a teaching elder in the fall of 2009. He arrived on the field in October of 2009.

Sokha, a native Cambodian, became a Christian as a teenager in a Christian orphanage. She studied English in college, and after graduation spent time working with an orphanage, tutoring missionaries learning Khmer, translating at a Bible school, and teaching grade school in English. She has a burden to be a missionary to her own people.

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