Phnom Penh


Yesterday was my last day in the city (training) and today we head to the village of Angk’Jeay! I will shadow Becca(the other intern) and begin teaching soon. I’ve only been in Cambodia for five days but have not ceased to see God’s amazing Grace working. The team here is amazing and I could not be more blessed to be able to work with these people and learn from them for the short time that I am here.

In the short time that I have been here I have learned how to teach affectively, learned some kmer language, and learned the importance of culture and what a difference it makes. Cambodia’s Culture is so beautiful. It’s delicate in some ways and very unique in others. Learning about a different culture has opened my eyes to see my own culture in different ways.

Nevertheless, it’s amazing to see God work all the way across the world (literally 12 time zones away). The Beauty of all the people I’ve come in contact with gives me so much Joy and hope.

Thank you for all the prayers. I sincerely appreciate them!



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