Becca Nyman – First Post

I have been in the village of Angkjeay for two weeks now! God has been incredibly gracious during this time and blessed my entire experience so far. The transition has been so smooth. I hope this “honeymoon phase” lasts the entire time I am here.

Praise the Lord for the ease of transition. I absolutely love life in the village. The couple I am staying with, Luke and Sohka Smith, and their daughter Hannah, are some of the most compassionate, hospitable people I know. I feel as though I am a part of their family. Village life is quite simple. We either walk, or ride bikes or motos (motorcycles/mopeds) to get around. DUST. There is so much dust, you think you are getting a tan and then you realize, just dust☺
The Khmer people, so kind and welcoming; a lot of staring at the tall white foreigner☺ They love to laugh at my attempts at Khmer (the language of the Cambodian people).

I do have a Khmer tutor 5 days a week for an hour in the morning. She doesn’t speak English, which can be difficult, but she helps me with pronunciation and drills. The views are breathtaking, mountains, coconut trees, and rice fields. The food, some of you know I am a picky eater, well I have loved every meal served, so fresh, so delicious! A lot of rice! Teaching, something that is definitely out of my comfort zone, but that I am learning to love. I help out with the English classes that Luke and Sohka hold three days a week. They have close to 100 students! That is a lot of names to remember!! ☺ The kids are so sweet and respectful and are always trying to teach me Khmer☺

This week and in the coming weeks I have the opportunity to do some health teaching with a nurse practitioner who is visiting from the states. I am so grateful I have this time to learn from her as well as help out with the child health education classes. Each outreach is in support of the church plant here in the village. So both the medical and English classes involve bible teaching, worship, and an open invitation to join on Sunday mornings. It is awesome to see God’s handiwork here in the village. I want to thank all of you for your continued support through prayer and emails of encouragement!