Our Wedding


Here is a link to pictures from our wedding: wedding album. Also, you can download the wedding program by clicking on this link: Wedding Program. The wedding ceremony was in the morning and the wedding reception was in the afternoon. In Cambodia, the wedding ceremony is normally held at the bride’s house. Usually, only family and close friends come to the morning ceremony. Then, many guests come to the evening reception. We included a couple of the the traditional Khmer ceremonies in our wedding. The day began with the traditional fruit walk ceremony. In this ceremony, the groom walks in a procession to the bride’s house bringing gifts to her family. The other traditional ceremony we included was the gift giving ceremony. These two ceremonies were followed by the Christian ceremony (sermon on marriage, exchange of vows and rings, etc.). Most, Cambodian Christian weddings keep some of the traditional parts, take out the parts that are tied to Buddhism, and add an exchange of vows and sermon on Christian marriage. As you will see from the pictures, we changed outfits many times throughout the day… 8 times to be exact!