And the Rain Came…

… and it kept on coming. It is the rainy season here, so it is not shocking that it was raining. However, it rained almost all day for several days last week, and the flooding was as bad as I have seen in the year that I have been here. The Cambodia Daily reported that the flooding caused about $70 million in damage. The drainage system in the city is just not built to handle a large volume of water, so water covered some of the streets for several days. Below are a few pictures from the flooding in the city.


This man was undeterred by water, but at least he decided to roll up his pants first.


I thought about driving though it too, but logic prevailed and I went a different way.


A View from the Village

bok bok bok… or cluck cluck cluck… take your pick on how you want to write out the noise a chicken makes. It is a noise that I have heard plenty of in my life, but recently I have realized that it is not a very soothing sound to try to fall asleep to. My roommate and I have started spending a couple weekends a month in countryside, and the lean-to that we sleep in is just a few yards away from the chicken house. I seem to wake up during the night countless times to the sound of the chickens. On the bright side, at least they caused me to wake up in time to see this beautiful sunrise…