Things that make you go hmm… An Unwelcome Visitor

Living in a foreign land, I have tried to be friendly. But some guests just aren’t welcome. Such was the case with this rather large centipede that we found crawling across our living room floor. It seems like when it rains that lots of little, and sometimes not so little, crawling things try to seek shelter in our home. We have many geckos that aren’t too bothersome, and I figure that they help eat bugs. However, I wasn’t for sure if this centipede had much value, so its stay in our house didn’t last long…


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3 thoughts on “Things that make you go hmm… An Unwelcome Visitor”

  1. That’s just nasty!!! Btw, thanks bro for being such a great brother to Daniel. I know his adjustment in Cambodia has been easier b/c of you. 🙂 Glad our team got a chance to bond with you too. I will look forward to the day when I can personally meet you as well. Take care brother.

  2. How much in US dollars would it cost to have
    professional company come to the village and
    drill a real well?
    If there are is ponds there has to be water 200-300ft down

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