Beseeching a spirit…


I am always fascinated when I see something here in person or read about it in a local newspaper that gives insight into the religious mindset of the people here. Here is another example from the Wednesday, May 19, 2010, Phnom Penh Post newspaper:

More than 15,000 people came out for an annual ceremony in Kandal province’s Ponhea Leu district during which attendees beseeched a spirit for rain, a local official said.

The two-day ceremony in Ponhea Pun commune concluded Tuesday.

Commune chief Kou Eoun said villagers prayed for rain as well as for “peace for beasts and domestic animals”.

He said comedians and musicians accompanied a procession of 200 villagers who made offerings to a holy spirit called Neak Ta Pring Kh’aek on Tuesday morning, and that thousands of people travelled from surrounding provinces Read more >>

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One thought on “Beseeching a spirit…”

  1. I continue to observe and ask people why they do what they do when it comes to Buddhism and spirit ceremonies in Thailand. I find it amazing that many are content to do and believe things just because their parents did it – no further evidence or justification required. So very different from the U.S. where people want a “reason for believing”.

    Also, maybe you’d be interested in this post on why Thai Buddhists make merit. Perhaps Cambodians have similar rationale? (

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