Leaving for Cambodia…


I don’t think that it has fully sunk in for me, but I am leaving for Cambodia on Tuesday morning. I remember just a few months ago having lunch with a  friend after church and telling him that I was at a loss for what to do next in the support raising process. Yet, even in all my doubts, God was faithful to answer our prayers and bring in the needed support. It is easy now to look back on this initial support raising process and think that it was much easier than it was. There were many joys along the way from seeing ways God provided and from many encouraging friends, but some days were filled with disappointment and frustration. You have prayed with me during this time, and now you can offer thanksgiving to God with me for answering our prayers and his faithfulness during this time. I’ll write more in a few days to give more details about moving to Cambodia.



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One thought on “Leaving for Cambodia…”

  1. hey, i readed your aritcle. they are so awesome. i am cambodian. i moved here like 4 years ago. i live at las vegas. i wonder if you can record the teenager life at school for people whom live at different world.
    thank you!!!

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